Sunday, September 30, 2012

.boo wreath.

you may or may not know by now that halloween is my most absolute favorite holiday. costumes and trickery, sweets and crisp air, imagination running wild...what's not to love? to celebrate decoratively this year, i decided to craft a wreath using a mixture of ideas i've seen all over pinterest.

one of the most common wreath decorating methods, for any holiday or occasion, is to wrap a styrofoam wreath in ribbon. so easy peasy. i went to my local hobby lobby and bought three orange and black ribbons that tickled my fancy.

starting with your hot glue gun a'blazin', adhere your first ribbon to the back of the wreath and begin wrapping. don't worry about covering all of the surface area because you'll be layering other ribbons on top of it. make sure you hot glue the ribbon down here and there along the way.

take your next ribbon and then your next and layer it up! i suggest mixing up your space between wrapping so it has a more random look. don't forget to hot glue along the way to keep the ribbon in place.

when i was finished with my wreath (or at least i thought so), i wasn't entirely pleased. it needed something more in the color department. so, i went back to the store and got one more skinny ribbon to add. ahhh..juuuuust right.

now, the wreath was halloweeny enough at this point, but i wanted to spruce it up a little more. here's how you can too!

take a sheet of scrapbook paper and cut out 3 pennant triangles. i found some cheap cardboard letters to put on each one to spell out BOO! (the exclamation is understood). hot glue your letters to the triangles.

now, take a hole punch and punch out holes. yes, i just wrote that. find some simple string or something more gruesome like the gnarly black one i used to thread the pennants together. hot glue this to your wreath.

laugh your most evil laugh as you look at your finished product with pride.
mu AH ha Ha!

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