Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.my blue suede shoes.

it might help in getting to know me a little bit better if you know where i am; both in my life and geographically. recently, like six short weeks ago kinda recently, i got married to my chemist turned eyeball schooler, beer and sweet tea loving, hunk of a husband. the good news is that our fairytale doesn't end on the day we tied the knot. there's still a whole lifetime of untying left to do and that is always the more interesting part.

before we promised to be with each other for ever + ever, we made sure we loved each other, and sometimes more importantly, liked each other. when he and i began dating, we were both in our hometown in central, florida. about six months into our relationship, he started exploring his options in optometry school and one of his choices was in memphis, tennessee. we flew to the land of elvis and bbq together for him to interview at the school and to check out the town.

i remember us bundling up for the cold weather and i was thrilled to wrap a scarf around my native floridian neck. listening to an old blues band wail on the harmonica while at a local beale street joint still lingers in my sense's memory. that night, i thought to myself that maybe i really could leave the only life i knew in florida to see what this new one would offer me.

that valentine's day, while he was making dinner for the two of us, he received a phone call from a 901 area code and thought that was strange so answered it. he heard the good news that he was accepted to eyeball doctor school in memphis. that june, we loaded up our lives and made the move to our new home.

there was something very important, though, that i needed to work out before i moved away from my roots, my family, my dearest friends and all i had ever known. i had to have the perfect shoes. when i thought of memphis, i had a soundtrack running through my head and one of the tunes that i played on repeat was elvis' blue suede shoes.

these days, it seems like i see the most gorgeous blue suede heels everywhere from forever 21 to dillards to piperlime. but, it took me weeks of hunting to finally find my shoes with just a touch of blue suede. i wore them proudly to one of our going away dinners as a sign of things to come.

after living in memphis for three years now, i feel pretty close to being a local. those perfect blue shoes still live with me, but i don't get to wear them as often now that it isn't sunshine 350 days of the year. as much as i've considered it, they just don't look all that splendid with socks or tights.

out shopping with one of my memphis gals a few months back, i ran across a new hue of blue at the local mall. something about memphis (ok, and maybe my aging feet) have dissuaded me from wearing my heels as high as i used to. these blue beauties, though, were calling my name and made me feel six feet tall. as with most shoes i now buy during the cold months, i checked to see if they were tights-compatible and with the closed toe, they most assuredly were. practical shoes? not so much. needed to take them walking in memphis? definitely.
they are completely blue (faux) suede and completely where i am.

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