Monday, April 18, 2011

.opening act.

as my first blog entry, i want to write something amazing, inspiring, jaw-dropping. however, i am just so excited about starting this blog that this will be more like the rambling of an eight year old after inhaling three pixie sticks.
throughout this blogging process, i hope to cover everything from party planning to style to writing to my newfound love of baking. and by newfound, i mean like this past weekend kinda new. as a math teacher, i think people expect me to be type-a, nerdy, maybe even bossy. well, they'd be right. however, i'm also imaginative, caring and love to cut loose.
as a florida girl, i've got sunshine running through my veins. however, i followed my heart and now-husband to memphis, tennessee a few years ago for him to go through eyeball doctor school (as i call it).  even all the sunshine i've got in me can't protect me from the months and months i'm stuck in socks. now that's it's spring, i'm ready to start anew. part of that will be this new bloggin' for me.
as with most opening acts, what's to follow is way better. i hope the same will hold true for my posts.  thanks for stopping by!

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