Thursday, April 28, 2011

.smile me pretty (please).

soon after we got engaged, i began my journey down the information highway. and by journey, i really mean i immediately found my destination and dead ended right there. style me pretty was my one stop, wedding drooling spot. not only did i find ideas and inspiration on this premier wedding blog, but i would get lost in the images and stories of so many couples' beautiful days until my head was floating.

the site became my daily addiction and i would drool over all the swoon-worthy weddings. invigorated by all those brides that took their big day and turned it into their dream became my destiny. their do-it-yourself motto transormed to my anthem and for eighteen months, i was a crafting, creating gal! over time, i'll share some of my DIY projects on here. for today though, something more magical...

as i'd peruse through one little lovely wedding after another, i'd feel myself secretly hoping that my wedding would be as beautiful with our own personal touches. deep, deep down, i would daydream that one day, our own wedding would be on this gorgeous site for other future brides to find inspiration from.
last night, our photographer ( called me with the jaw-dropping news. style me pretty wanted to feature our wedding on their site! as my head danced with wedded bliss all over again, i genuinely squealed. not only did we enjoy a day full of love, but we now get to celebrate it all over again in a most webtacular way.

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