Sunday, May 15, 2011

.a corny dish.

so i'll admit my headfirst dive into baking has totally awakened the apron-wearing version of melinda. it's like a tidal wave of recipes has washed over me and all i want to do is be in the kitchen. can i quit my day job?
no? ok.

in my constant search for fun new sweets to bake, i can't help but to run across amazing recipes for the more savory side of things almost everywhere i turn. one recipe that caught my eye and had me drooling at the picture alone was for a vibrant corn casserole. (

as i melted the butter, which i buy these days like never before, i felt a twinge of guilt about the onion yet to come. you see, my husband doesn't do onion. yet, i've seen him eat dishes before with onion cooked in without flinching; so, i thought i could get away with it. after dicing the two, fresh jalapeno peppers and less onion than the recipe called for, i added them to the melted pan of butter to cook. the aroma was rich and intoxicating and i heard a shout from the next room "something smells good."

with the whir of my new food processor and the simmer of the sauteing, i became totally engrossed in the process of really cooking. it felt wholesome, productive and plain ol' good. after all ingredients were safely in their casserole dished home, i slid it in the oven to become a finished product. when the timer dinged, i scurried to get it out of the oven for it's remaining minutes of 'setting' time.

once served, we dug in and it got pretty good reviews from both of us. we love some spice, but this carried a lot of heat. next time, there will only be one jalapeno included and maybe a little less cilantro. the best news is that my husband didn't even notice the onion. score.

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