Sunday, May 22, 2011

.iron up some pizza.

why should waffle irons be isolated to waffles? in our house, no longer will ours be. i made a really easy dinner that was just a little something different to break up the weeknight monotony.

start with store bought pizza dough if you're feeling extra lazy, like i was, and tear it into two to three parts. i patted each part into a dough ball and folded in some herbs to jazz it up some. then, i put our waffle maker on high heat and placed the pizza dough in there to do its thing.

meanwhile, i simmered some jar marina and jar alfredo sauce together to drizzle into the little crevices of the pizza waffle. when i opened up the waffle iron, i felt a sense of glee at how adorable it turned out to be!

after adding the sauce, i crumbled buffalo mozzarella on mine and my husband's and then added some ham to meat-up his. they baked for a little bit in our convection oven until they were all ready to eat. i totally meant to top it with some fresh basil from our plant, but got so caught up in wanting to taste it that i forgot. this is one simple dish i will be making again soon with an endless amount of topping possibilities.

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