Friday, June 24, 2011

.chasing away.

on playgrounds and in backyards, we ran. the games ranged from red rover to a simple version of dodgeball, but there's always been one classic. the game of chase. the rules are simple. someone is 'it' and 'it' runs.

whether there are two players or a multitude, 'it' zones in on one target person and pursues them with speed and vitality until they touch this one being chased. 'tag, you're it!' has probably been said more often than any other line in playground history.

as an adult, i can see how parents probably adored watching from patios and in after-school car pick-up lines because this game would ensure a tired child by bedtime. and in my mind's eye, i remember the sheer glee i felt when i would pass my 'it'dom to the next victim as they wildly chased the other children for their freedom.

personally, this was never my favorite game because i was never the running type, still am not. in fact, i managed to be 'it' more often than not because i was also easy to catch. 'what's that? you want me to play jump rope? ok, i'll be right there!' so, i often avoided the game of catch for more lung-friendly activities.

somehow, this game ran right out of childhood along with each passing year. as a gal who weaved in and out of the adult playing field, known as the dating scene, i know what i'm talking about here. throughout the years, i've both heard of and seen so many people get caught in the 'it' position. here's how the rules have changed.

there's usually (hopefully) only two people playing. one person is 'it' and the other is being chased. we've all heard or even said ourselves (guilty) that we want to be chased when we are first interested in someone. however, how long do we allow the game to go on before we are simply caught?

i have an opinion. if you chase someone to the point of emotionally running out of air, then your heart has no breath left. any person that makes another fight so hard for their interest really isn't worth fighting for.

if you ever find yourself in this particular game of tag, keep in mind what i am about to tell you. if you are chasing after someone, that can only mean they are running from you.

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