Tuesday, June 14, 2011

.joyful surprise.

anyone that knows me well can tell you that i get downright giddy when i get real mail. i'm not talking about credit card offers or coupon pamphlets. but a handwritten card or letter? go ahead and get out of my way because i'm doing a happy dance. now, if you want to talk about cartwheels kinda happy, just let me find a delivered package on my doorstep. today, yeah, it was a cartwheel kinda day.

right away, i saw that the box had traveled across the country from one of my longest held friends who now lives in california. as i ran my sharpest scissors down the the sides and top, my patience was lagging behind my motor skills. as i ripped the lid open and then carefully read the card, (gosh i could live in the hallmark aisles), i found a box packed full of individually tissue-wrapped items.

in the sweet card, she congratulated me on my blogging and gifted our kitchen accordingly. ripping away the first tissued item, i pulled out an utterly adorable, striped with happiness apron. not only is it from my favorite store, anthropologie, but it also is the kind of gift that will see me through my moments of baking bliss with function.

each gift unwrapped revealed another treasure to add to my pantry, cabinet, drawer and all left me smiling bigger than the minute before. flipping through the cookbook, i oohed and ahhed over beauties i want to get my hands on. the cupcake liners are basically invitations for me to create an event so i have an excuse to use them.

i can remember this friend and myself having quite a few times where it was a necessity to make yummies for our friends and she was aways the brownie queen with her trusty box of mix ready. we met back in brownie scouts, found our friendship really take flight in high school and as adults, i still treasure her. she's the kind of girl that would run over to your house when your parents left you at home just to feed the bird you're deathly afraid of for you. she's also the kind of girl to read your blog and send you a box full of baking goodies.

for your thoughtfulness and this moment of joy, thank you.

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