Tuesday, June 21, 2011

.my kinda funny.

last summer, i visited my home state of florida to get some wedding details in order. while i was there, of course i snuck in visits with family and friends and restaurants i'd been missing. fine. and malls, all in the name of the wedding of course.

one night on that trip, my hpff and i began talking about the upcoming bachelorette and bachelor parties for my now-husband and myself. like many brides these days, i just hoped the bachelor party wouldn't be the sequel to the movie, the hangover. then again, there were so many movies out there about men getting themselves into precarious situations that this bride-to-be had more scenes running through her head than she cared to with a bachelor party on the horizon. after talking all this out with my friend, we got on the subject of male-dominated comedies.

girls can be funny too! why were there no movies with an all-star cast of laugh-out-loud ladies who left all the audience doubled over with tears in their eyes? right then and there, we figured we'd have to be the ones to make this happen and so we began plotting. first and foremost, we got our list of actresses lined up before we even began the screenplay. i could tell you who they were, but then i'd be divulging top secret information. (plus, i've already forgotten who some of them were.)

from there, we went over a few personal scenes the two of us had experienced that would obviously be funny to the rest of the world that would definitely make it to our screenplay. so all that was left to do was to sit down to write it, present it to some big film studios and sit back to watch the laughs flow in. it is that easy right? see, we were going to get to that part, um, soon, yes soon!

actually, before we had the chance to launch our all girls attack on funny, someone beat us to the punch. if you've yet to see the movie, bridesmaids, please change whatever plans you have and immediately drive to your local theatre. if you don't like your funny a little on the crass side, scratch that and proceed with your original agenda. but if you do, you're going to love love love this movie. a lot of people assumed a cast full of females meant the audience should be as well. oh come on! just because there are mainly girls in the movie does not mean that it is a chick flick. it is a comedy, for everybody. i've already seen it twice and would so go see it again and i never ever do that. (except for the first sex and the city movie and that's a whole different write-up)

.my favorite scene in the movie, just rings so true for me.

so, until my hpff and i put out our super-funny movie that you're all surely waiting for now, go see this one. it's both funny strange and funny ha ha. can't beat that.

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