Thursday, June 2, 2011

.super simple party decoration.

want the perfect little pick me up for your party decorations without breaking the bank? i have such an easy, cute little craft that is suitable for any casual event. this flag banner tutorial will have your spirits flying high when you make one of your own.

first of all, go pretty much anywhere and buy a pack or two of napkins in the pattern or color you want your banner to be. you could easily mix and match solid colors and patterns for a fun look. for our memorial day cookout, i chose red and white checkered for that traditionally casual look.

to start the process, i unfolded the napkin and cut it into two equal squares. i went through the whole pack like this and had a pile of squares waiting for me. then, i went through each one and cut diagonals to form a triangle (the little flag). once i had all my triangles cut up, they were still open flaps. so, i took a glue stick and did a quick swiping on the bottom to adhere them together to make one solid triangle.

from there, i took a safety pin (super high-tech i know) and basically stabbed little holes into the top two corners of each. i could get really nerdy here and talk about angles and the type of triangle these made, but who cares anything about isosceles? ok, i do!

now, to string your banner together, you have a few options. i didn't have any string lying around, but i did have something much cheaper and with a refreshing scent- dental floss. now if your guests want to climb on a chair to really inspect your finish product, they'll get a minty fresh whiff as an added bonus.

this whole project probably cost three dollars and a little patience. i know it's one i'll be making again in the future.


  1. love, love, love!!! i made a yellow and pink pennant banner for caroline's "lemonade stand" birthday party!! pennants make me so happy. your blog makes me happy, too, by the way! ;o)

  2. i saw the one picture of her BIG cupcake and that looked incredible! i bet your decorations were so perfect ;) thank you soooo much for taking the time to check out my little blog! i've really enjoyed doing it.


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