Wednesday, July 27, 2011

.eggs overly easy.

don't put it past me to host a brunch with enough sugary confections that my friends will be begging for a spoonful of salt. however, as much as i love sweets, i also have a soft spot for all that is savory. to represent the br in brunch, i whipped up this egg dish.

melinda's egg lovin' muffin...

start by getting some little round ramekins that are just right for individual servings. spray your ramekins so your lovin' muffin doesn't stick to the glass. then, preheat your oven to 375 degrees. each ramekin will hold approximately 1.5 eggs. stop rolling your eyes. it's basically three eggs per two ramekins. just make even amounts of these, ok?

you can make these as simple or as complex as your taste buds desire. for my people, here's what i did...i whisked the eggs as if making scrambled eggs while adding salt, pepper and about a tablespoon of milk. from there, i added the jazzings. cheddar cheese. fresh, chopped cherry tomatoes from my garden (better known as the plant in front of my house). and chopped deli ham. (skip the ham for me, thank you very much)

to add a little something, something , i topped each off with an additional sprinkling of cheddar cheese. once you're satisfied with your creation, pop them in the oven and watch. probably, i should have an exact time for you, but i don't. it took mine somewhere between 13-18 minutes to finish. here's how you'll know when they're done. once you see them puffing up to form a dome without a lot of wiggling, they should be ready. you can always poke your fork in to make sure you don't pull out any moist egg.

i was most nervous about serving these to my hpff who is super-picky in the savory department. they were so delicious that even she wanted the recipe. i call that an eggsellent (please forgive me) success.

try these out for yourself. if you serve them up for friends or family, you'll be a hero.

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