Monday, July 11, 2011

.i'm (not) planning on it.

i can't believe that i'm about to say this because it is a complete contradiction to who i am. let me back up and explain who i am.

they make mechanical pencils with my name on them just so i can make lists and mark through completed items. adhesive note pads have always been better than candy in my stocking. in short, i'm a type A planner extraordinaire. i already have events planned six months away and it's not even our wedding anymore. there's usually multiple events in my evite account at any given time and this is what keeps me sane.

most weekends, much like this past one and the one before and the one coming up, i have plans. i actually found it 'cute' when my husband and a friend of ours communicated recently without the women folk involved to make plans for all of us. that never happens and ok, i'll admit, it was hard for me to keep my nose out of it. planning, organizing and planning some more keeps me afloat.

now that you have an idea of who i am, you'll know why this statement i'm about to make (i really am this time) disaffirms how i just described myself. some of the best times in my life have been unplanned. yes, i admit it.

now, before anyone out there who might be having a self-righteous, coulda told ya so moment, gets too excited, i'm still an advocate of planning. but, after having the type of evening that had me laughing so much that even my freckles were sore come about from a seemingly 'got nothing going on' kinda day, i have to give an appreciative nod to the unplanned life.

my hpff always swears that the best nights are those with no expectations and she's right about this. amidst all my summer plans, i recently had an uneventful weekday turn into a lazy afternoon watching tv at a friend's turn into dinner with our hubbies turn into a night at a local dive turn into so much fun with no effort at all. it was perfect.

maybe i'll plan on less planning for me from now on. maybe.

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