Wednesday, September 7, 2011

.yes, white after labor day.

in the past two weeks, i saw more white pants worn by the women at work than on a whole little league baseball team. it eventually dawned on me that my co-workers were making great use of their wardrobe deadline. labor day.

according to a long-standing fashion rule, wearing white after labor day was a faux-pas (loosely translated as a no-no). wearing white in the summer months served a practical purpose to keep women cool in the hotter months. as labor day symbolized the official end of summer, so did the need to wear white for ladies.

cooler times are upon us once labor day hits. if you're one of my friends in the southern states, you're surely balking at this notion. it's hot down there well after labor day arrives.

having a pair of white pants i love, i refuse to be relegated to when i am allowed to wear them. furthermore, the entire notion of having a style all one's own enables rules to be set, not broken. on the last days of the week before labor day weekend, i saw handfuls of white pants every day. how sad to wave the white flag to this old, boring rule.

the very day after labor day, i donned my freshly ironed crisp white pants to work and dared someone to give me a fashion ticket. making a point? maybe. you create the rules. in your fashion and in your life's style. so join me ladies- i dare you to wear your white this week.

as pee-wee herman once said, "i'm a loner dotty. a rebel." but with this, i don't have to be alone. no color is off limits. live your life out loud.


  1. I love that you did this! Im totally wearing my white pants post-Labor Day too!

  2. woohoo! i love that you're joining the wear-white fight! ;)


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