Sunday, October 23, 2011

.fall fashion show 'n tell.

when i decided to start this little bloggity blog of mine, my hpff suggested i make it a combo package. my new love of baking meets my old love of style. while the new hobby was much harder for me than picking out what to wear, i soon discovered that i felt uncomfortable writing about fashion or style.

i just couldn't see myself saying things like "you should totally pair together this with that to achieve this." it felt a little bit egotistical mixed with a little bit contradictory to my vision on fashion. for me, style is what you make it and is a personal thing. don't get me wrong, i follow more trends than i probably should. but, me following the trends is decidedly different than me telling you to follow them. or moreover, me telling you to try out my own style. my cupcakes? that's a whole other thing. my wardrobe? it just feels awkward.

in any case, to take a more active approach to the shoes portion of my shortcake and shoes, i've decided to make more strides to do a show and tell of sorts. so, with autumn all around us, let me show you a few of my favorite things for this season.

the leaves falling from the trees and the breeze in the air around remind me of the not so subtle signs of fall. at this time of year when nature is surely just showing off, i love wearing my natural wooden bracelets to celebrate it. one of them was a gift from a friend of mine who offered it after an older wooden bracelet of mine cracked. i just love them and sort of like jeans- wood goes with everything.

my new fall fave for this season is not only about style, but also about practicality. if you get cold easily, you know that one of the main ingredients to warmness is warm feet. so, socks are a must for fall and why not show off your knee socks above your favorite boots? i just cleaned out my sock and hosiery drawer and made room for some more practical pairs as the temperatures drop. instead of hiding them in my boots or under jeans, i'm showing them off this season with a peak-a-boo style from the tops of my boots.

so there you have first style show and tell. and on that note, stay tuned for more baking. it's much easier for me to talk about!

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