Friday, October 14, 2011

.my own kind of lazy.

i'm not lazy. really, i'm not.

however, there are some things about myself that even i can't understand. i will wake up at 5 in the morning and get to work well before the sun has even decided to take center stage away from the moon. there are one hundred seventy teenagers that i teach, answer questions for, grade their papers and still manage to smile to on a daily basis. as i'm running errands on my planning period to turn this or that in or to copy that or this, i make an effort to jog the stairs and always avoid the elevator. then, i either tutor other teachers' students or coach my own cheerleaders every day after the normal work hours. from there, i go home and clean, bake, cook, and run around with my fur babies. some days, i even choose to drive to the gym where i spin for an hour on an uncomfortable bike in uncomfortable positions with uncomfortable leg muscles. i choose this life. see, i'm not lazy.

.this is my shadow spinning.

then why is this? please tell me why i will pull into a parking lot and circle and circle until i find a spot as close as possible when i could have parked easily a little further away, walked in in the time it took me to circle and even got some way easier cardio activity than an hour of cycling.

if that perplexes you, riddle me this...i will then get home from said shopping trip, grocery shopping for instance, and blow my own mind. quite blessedly, i have a garage. i pull into my garage which has this really convenient door that goes right into my house. i will load up one entire side of my body's arm with every stinking grocery bag and then begin to work on the other. from there, i will struggle, quite literally, to make it to the door, use my acrobatic balancing skills to unlock the door while being weighed down like a pack mule, heave and ho to the kitchen to drop the weight down and sigh over the red indentions up and down my poor arm. i do all of this self-inflicted torture to avoid taking more than one trip to my vehicle; which let me remind you is literally steps away from my kitchen.

i can not understand why i have these strange issues, but i can't seem to make myself stop. like i said, i promise i'm not lazy. but if you only met me for five minutes and those five minutes happened to be when i was pulling in to unload my groceries, you'd surely disagree with my promise.

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