Sunday, November 13, 2011

.my birthday wish- R.A.O.K.

maybe you know that i'm a huge fan of birthdays. maybe you don't. maybe you've heard that my mom totally showered me with so much excitement about my birthday growing up. maybe you haven't. maybe you're aware that i now love celebrating the birthdays of the people in my life whenever i can. maybe you're not aware. here's something for certain- i love a good birthday.

this week is my birthday week. while it isn't a milestone birthday, it does mark another mile traveled in my life. i've been inspired by something i read recently and would like to ask each of you to grant me this birthday wish.

whether we're family, acquaintances or close friends, i ask you to please participate in my birthday wish for this, my thirty-second birthday. i ask that some time this week you carry out a Random Act of Kindness. do something that shows kindness to an unsuspecting recipient.

in line at your local coffee shop? pay for the person behind you before they even get to the register. someone struggling loading kids and packages into their car in a parking lot? offer to return their shopping cart for them. if you don't have the means to give, there is so much gratitude from even the free gifts of kindness. pick up some mess around your office that will make the custodian's or cleaner's job a little easier that day. if you do have the means, maybe surprise the person behind you at the grocery store with a grocery gift card. you never know what may be going on in their life and that little amount could make a grand difference.

candy bar for your mail person with a note...a balloon for a child you don't know...carrying an elderly person's groceries...donating to a local old towels to an animal shelter...paying the toll of the person behind you...taking your neighbors' kids to school for them...taking a flower to a co-worker who could use a smile...the possibilities are beyond my scope!

whatever you decide to do this week, please post and let me know! my birthday wish is to collect thirty-two tales of Random Acts of Kindness this year. my wish in general is that we all see how rewarding it is this week to give what we can and hopefully we will keep it up all year long.

i'll also keep you posted on my own opportunities to show kindness and i look forward to all the smiles this week. THANK YOU in advance for the only birthday gift i'm asking for this year!

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