Tuesday, November 22, 2011

.t-shirt infinity scarf.

if you have an old t-shirt that spends its lifetime begging for fresh air in the bottom of your dresser drawer, then this just might be the post for you. i'm a clothes hoarder. i admit it. parting with apparel for me is an out of body experience. ok, that's an exaggeration, but i don't do it easily. this shirt, though, gave me no choice as it somehow got this ugly yellowing bleach stain on the front of it. ruined, i tell you, ruined.

however, with the idea of repurposing a shirt i can no longer wear into something else that i actually will sport has quite an appeal. so, i took this striped and embellished cotton top and made it into a scarf. let me show you how so you can too.

lay your t-shirt out and very carefully cut right above the bottom seam to remove it. please note that i cut shirts like i do wrapping paper, impatiently and jaggedly. ignore that.

then, cut straight across under the seams of the shirt's armpits. what you're creating is a rectangle of fabric.

now, sure, you could slip this over your head, but it wouldn't be very scarf-like at this point. to make it have a little hang time (surf's up), stretch the mess out of it. that's right, take your frustrations out on your t-shirt and pull, pull, pull.

i even used one of my dining room chairs to help me pull it. the fabric will give and make for a longer, more scarf-fitting look. now, put your homemade t-shirt infinity scarf around your neck and rock it like the fashion forward person you are.

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