Friday, January 27, 2012

.blueberry unstuffed french toast.

at 9:37 a.m. on a saturday morning, nothing starts off a lazy weekend quite like blueberry unstuffed french toast. or at least that's true for me.

grab your bread, some eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and nutmeg for slathering, blueberries and cream cheese for the starring role and butter and powdered sugar for good measure.

french toast is traditionally bread dipped in beaten egg and then pan fried. well, maybe that is the american version of it, but it is how i grew up. we're going to add a few more flavor elements to really make it out of this world. for 5-6 pieces of french toast, beat together 3 eggs and add in 1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. to that, stir in a pinch of nutmeg and a couple splashes of milk.

if you have fresh blueberries, bleautiful! forgive me.

cream together 4 oz of cream cheese and your blueberries to serve as your unstuffing. we've all heard of stuffed french toast, but why not just lather and pile it on top for all the world to see?

heat your griddle or skillet on the stovetop to medium high and then rub some butter around on it to prevent sticking. and who am i kidding? to add that rich flavor to your french toast.

after taking each piece of bread for a swim in your egg mixture, a completely head-under-the-water-for-5-seconds kind of swim, let it drip dry just a second over the bowl and then place it on your griddle.

each side takes between 3-5 minutes to turn to a deep golden brown. can you smell it cooking?
(note- if you by any chance have breads without seeds in your kitchen for sweet breakfasts, you are luckier than i am)

when your french toast is primed and ready to go, lay it on thick, baby. take a spatula or spoon and coat each piece of your french toast with heaps of blueberry dotted cream cheese. if you're feeling saucy, put a little more butter on your toast too.

now, oftentimes, i squirt syrup right out of the bottle because i was born without my patience bone. this time though, i heated it up in the microwave first and hoo boy am i glad i did. drizzle your syrup right on top of all that goodness you've got going.

if you don't feel you have enough calories in this recipe yet, sift some powdered sugar on top. i can almost guarantee you that the first bite will have you wondering why you didn't make this at 8:37 a.m. instead.

this blueberry unstuffed french toast will leave you stuffed and satisfied.

why not start your weekend off with a dish that's berry, berry good? forgive me again.

blueberry unstuffed french toast
what you need
5-6 pieces of bread
3 eggs
1/4 tsp vanilla
pinch of nutmeg
few splashes of milk
2 tbs butter
1/2-1 cup blueberries
4 oz cream cheese, softened

what you do
beat your eggs and then mix in vanilla, nutmeg and milk. preheat your griddle or stovetop skillet to medium high.

rub butter on your griddle and then dip each piece of bread into the egg wash. soak it and then let it drip a little over you bowl before tossing it onto the griddle. cook each side for 3-5 minutes.

cream together the softened cream cheese and blueberries. some blueberries may remain whole and that is just fine.

add a little more butter to your finished french toast, lay the cream cheese and blueberry mix on thick and then drizzle with warm syrup. feel free to sift on some powdered sugar for added sweetness.

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