Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.cake, pop, surprise!.

i may have mentioned a time or five that there is nothing more magical than a package in the mail. really, i could receive a box full of bubble wrap only and be elated. open that mailbox and pull out a card with actual handwriting, gah, how heavenly. bless you postal worker deliverers of packages as you brighten my day with your bearing of such good goods.

a few weeks ago, i pulled up to my house and saw that all too familiar cardboard rectangular prism waiting so patiently for me at my doorstep. that box's patience far outweighed mine as i rushed my little doggies out to pee so i could tear into that surprise box. note: tearing into a box consists of cutting very carefully in case someone sends me a balloon, or a kitten, or an antique lace dress. you just never know.

as i opened the box, my eyes filled with delight as i discovered a cake pop book, popsicle sticks and this fancy new cake pop baking tray contraption. my favorite part, however, has to be the attached note.

my sweet friend (and cousin by marriage), tammy, picked these goodies up for me and surprised me with the package. isn't she the best? being a baker extraordinaire, she makes the best sweets and treats ever. the fact that she openly admits that she knows the cake pop kit is cheating just really cracks me up. and she's right, it is cheating. but you know what? it is fun to use and i'm so glad she sent it my way.

my first round with it was saved for my cheer squad i sponsor and they were delighted with their girly little cake pops. while i still haven't quite conquered "pretty" with these things, i think i have mastered yummy.

thank you tammy girl for all the smiles. xo

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