Thursday, January 12, 2012

.like it is your first.

often in times of heartache, we search for the right words to offer serenity to the ones who are hurting. when we are the ones with our heart wrenching, we take in all of these words of strength, peace and support. rarely though, do the words immediately heal the wound. the scab of recovery is slow forming.

when light begins to shine in again, there's a common expression that passes through many lips and that is to 'live each day as if it is your last' because you never know when life will be whisked away. i'm going to make a bold statement here and say that i disagree with this sentiment. in fact, i disagree so much that i believe it should be the opposite.

live each day as if it is your first.

the first bite of life is taken in with every sense we have; while the last is often a desperate and longing attempt to hold on. the first moment with someone you've missed is sweet with embracing and niceties; while the last before a goodbye is tearful and tough. picture your first kiss with someone you have loved, your first taste of a new delectable dessert, your sense of accomplishment in nailing your first job, your first car, bike, graduation...

if we live each day with the exuberance we feel when we're approaching that new first, imagine how much sweeter our outlook would be. consider the blessing of waking up again, anew, an opportunity to travel to a date in time you've never been to before. the right now. imagine all the accomplishments and goals you can meet and surpass with this new day, this future of firsts.

so, when you look at yourself in the mirror tonight, instead of telling your reflection to live the next day like it is your last...i implore you to live tomorrow like it is your first day. embrace it with vigor, determination and optimism. hellos are so much sweeter than goodbyes.


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