Friday, February 3, 2012

.doggie delights.

i just want to share some little happies. i didn't know the term little happies until i met my friend lauren. if i had to guess, i'd say it is her favorite quote, "i've got a little happy for you!"

she especially loves to give my fur babies treats because she has the heart of a fur mamma herself.

we went to a local dog bakery together and i bought way more treats for my pups than should have been allowed. i vowed to never do that again.

these puppy desserts are fantabulous because they're all natural ingredients, but the dogs think they have done something exceptionally great to earn such a treat. face-licking good.

sometimes my dogs say to me through their eyes so much. things like- "what's all over my face?" oh, and "you're the best fur mommy ever!" i swear it.

i thought today i'd give you a little happy with just some cutie pie pics of my furry loves...poptart and applejack. with names that sweet, they're irresistible.

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