Sunday, February 12, 2012

.heart in a hole.

my eye guy has a special breakfast he makes. i request it, so does my hpff, his mom...we all love it. he didn't have a name for them; so, i called them eggbreads when we first started dating. you may know them as egg in a basket, cowboy eggs, one-eyed-jacks, matter what, i'm pretty sure you'll call them good.

with valentine's in the air, i decided to make some for him for breakfast. let me show you how. heat a pan over medium-high heat on your stovetop and coat it with a little butter as if you were about to make a grilled cheese.

grab as many pieces of bread as you'd like. use your favorite kind; which for us is oat nut. nutty.

normally, my eye guy just tears a rough hole out of the center of the bread to leave a little cubby for the egg. because i was valentinesing this breakfast up, i used a heart cutter instead.

now, spread your bread with a wee bit of butter (or a wow bit if you'd like) and place it on your heated pan.

crack open an egg and drop it in hole you have created in the bread. basically, you're about to begin frying an egg with bread just wrapped around it. amazing.

after a couple of minutes, take a spatula and carefully flip the whole thing over at once just like you would with a grilled cheese sandwich. add salt and pepper to taste. in our house, we like our eggs a little runny. if you don't, cook yours longer. like i said, do what you do when you do fry an egg. do. (just thought i should throw it in again for good measure)

now, you've got a couple extra pieces of bread to toast. the holes! in this case, the hearts! put some butter on those cuties and serve on the side. some people like to use them to soak up egg as they eat. i decided to serve them on the side with a little strawberry jelly. yummy.

what a heart-y breakfast!


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