Wednesday, September 26, 2012

.have we gone bananas?.

i'm not my grandma. i'm not your grandma. heck, maybe i won't even sound like a grandma at all. (we'll see)

in my day, i've eaten a banana or two. i've also eaten a strawberry or one million, but that is neither here nor there. bananas are fun chopped up in cereal, yummy eaten whole, super delicious mixed into a peanut butter banana smoothie. they're even fun to sing about in songs- go bananas!

what they have never been in my lifetime is technological. say what?!

so, i go to grab a banana out of the fridge at work that i brought from home for a snack. i look down at this all-too familiar yellow and brown fruit to see a sticker on it. now, i've seen the chiquita banana sticker, or something similar, many times before. this was different. on my innocent banana, was a "scan code." if i were more grandma-like, i really wouldn't know what this even meant. trust me.

however, i knew that if i took my smart phone, with my downloaded "scan life" app, i could scan my banana and automatically a website would pop up. so, i did it. the website took me to a video tutorial that had a banana frozen treat recipe all worked out for me and ready to watch.

i mean, just take a second to sit down and think about this. banana to phone to scan to video tutorial to recipe...all lickity (banana) split. here's the thing. this bothers me. i know i should embrace how "cool" this is, but gosh golly. is nothing sacred any more? can't we just eat a banana without the desire to get out the latest technology? can't some things still be simple? sigh... ok, see...i guess i do sound grandma-ish after all. (as i write a blog about it...double sigh.)


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