Friday, October 5, 2012

.button up.

i saw a cute buttoned pumpkin on pinterest and decided to make my own version.

step one: pick out and buy a pumpkin.

step two: trace out the letters you want on your pumpkin. unless you have a ginormous gourd, i can't imagine fitting much more than your initials or "boo."

step three: preheat your hot glue gun and get your buttons all ready.

step four: begin tracing your letter with about 1 inch strips of hot glue at a time and adding buttons. if you do more glue at once, it will most likely dry before you get to buttoning it up.

step five: finish a letter and admire your craftiness.

step six: finish all letters and admire your craftiness.

step seven: add a bow, don't ya know.

step eight: decorate for the most bootiful holiday of the year!

(ignore the ugly stuff coming out of my planter and focus on the lovely pumpkin instead, pretty please.)


  1. This pumpkin is so cute! I love it as a crafty alternative to regular old carved pumpkins! PS--I am amazing at your bow-making skills!

    1. thank you!!! it was SO much easier than carving one! oh, and that bow was already "cuted-out" at michael's craft store. ;)


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