Sunday, February 3, 2013

.only a year ago.

it was last year's super bowl sunday. the plan was for us to go catch a movie at the discount theatre. like any given sunday (yes, i just used a football reference) at our house, things were pretty mellow. or, they appeared to be. what my eye guy didn't know is that i was holed up in the restroom with something.

i would tell you it was a stick, a pregnancy test, a moment of waiting. none of these things would describe, though, the prickly nerves that teased my heart in those excruciatingly long minutes waiting for the results. this wasn't my first month of checking and hoping for an extra, positive line to appear, and every time came with the same anxious wish. lord, let me be pregnant.

to hurry the time, i tried many diversion tactics so that i wouldn't stare, waiting for a life-altering line to appear (or not). even without looking, this was still like watching paint dry or water boil or water dry; which we all know takes a really long time.

with prepared doubt, i finally allowed my eyes to wander down. this time, though, was different. seeing that second, ever-so-light, pink line flooded my heart with unimaginable joy. the few minutes i had to wait for my husband to get out of the shower to show him gave me time to pray in gratitude, do a major happy dance and cry tears of love.

when my eye guy and i finally had both our sets of eyes glued to those two lines, together, we knew our lives were forever changed. i couldn't tell you who played in the super bowl last year. but, what i do vividly remember from that game day is how it felt to be on team pregnant. better than a hundred championships.


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