Saturday, May 4, 2013

.ice cream tacos.

while i am pleased with the taste of these, i definitely wouldn't win an award for presentation (or photography for that matter). eh, let's be real. it's all about the yum factor.
to celebrate cinco de mayo, how about trashing up your dessert with this easy peasy "homemade" concoction.

the southern girl in me loves cinnamon toast. i applied this good ol' recipe to a taco tortilla. butter, sugar, cinnamon and an oven. just heat until the tortillas are starting to crisp. it took me about eight minutes at 350 degrees.

as soon as the taco shells come out of the oven, fold them up and stuff with the ice cream of your choice. i went with this triple cookie fudge sundae. keepin' it simple? nah.

the whole concept of an ice cream taco centers around the ice cream.

warm cinnamon sugary goodness on the outside, cold creamy heaven on the inside.

wait a second. magic shell too? yep. let's keep trashing them up. my intention was to also add caramel sauce, but i forgot. there. no good excuse.

whether you're making cinco de mayo a little more fun (not exactly authentic) or are just in the mood for something tasty, try these tacos out.

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