Sunday, March 9, 2014

three ingredient energy bars

i've seen many energy bar ideas on pinterest and decided to try it myself. i'm glad i did with a capital g. know why i especially love these? there are only 1-2-3 ingredients. you can't beat that. (unless you had two ingredients (or one) ). 

 a handful of golden raisins.
 a handful of dates.
a handful of almonds.
 yep, that's it. just those three ingredients. throw them in your food processor and hit go!
 after a swirl or one hundred around the food processor, this is what the consistency looks like. the "seed-like" stuff is the almonds.
 throw it on some wax paper for forming.

form it. wow, i'm so detailed.

it is up to you how big you make your energy bars. really, this isn't a huge batch and could realistically make just three bars. however, i wanted to spread the love and cut mine into smaller rectangles.

see- just three delicious ingredients. does it really provide the needed energy it boasts? why don't you ask my washing machine, basil plant, closet and mop?

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