Sunday, April 6, 2014

.fancied-up store bought spinach dip.

sometimes the most delicious dishes are the simplest. in this case, make your life easy and make your mouth happy with my fancied-up store bought spinach dip. 

buy your favorite store bought spinach dip and sure, it is delicious. i really have to pull my arm away every time i pass it myself so that i don't gorge weekly on the stuff.  but, this recipe will take that dip to a different level. you'll need some cheese (i prefer parmesan and mozzarella) and a little sriracha if you'll feeling daring. 

mix a handful of parmesan cheese and a slight splash of the sriacha sauce into the spinach dip. 

put your dip mix into a glass baking dish.

put a generous coating of mozzarella cheese on top. cover with foil and bake for about fifteen minutes at 350. 

then, remove the foil and broil until your top cheese is bubbly and toasty. 

serve with pita points, chips, hawaiin bread, your fingers...


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