Sunday, August 31, 2014

.distressed jeans: how to.

wanna get that distressed look for your little's jeans or for your own? let me show you how super duper simple it is! 

first, go to your local thrift store or garage sale and score a pair of jeans for super cheap. you're going to be "destroying" them after all. i snagged this pair for babycakes for two bucks! 
begin by putting a rolled up magazine down the leg you're currently working on. this is to prevent cutting through the back of your jeans or worse- your work surface. 

then, decide if you're going to leave them full length or cut into shorts. for my first pair, i decided to cut them into cut-offs. that's redundant. 

mark where you want to slice and dice. try to go for where you'd see a worn out look naturally; the knee area and around the pockets. using a thin sharpie, i marked where i wanted the cuts to be.  as a tip, the closer the cuts are together, the more it will look like a patch of distressed-ness. in the picture i'm showing, the marks are pretty far apart. i ended up going back and fitting two more between those to get the look i wanted at the knee area. the beauty is- there is no wrong way to do this.

take your razor blade and slice through where you made your marks. you'll be cutting your magazine that's inside the leg. pretty please be careful with your razor blade. 
p.s. my eye guy walked up to see what i was doing and said he was surprised i knew how to get the razor out of this apparatus. umm...i should be insulted, right? don't worry. i was. 
i forgave him though because i was in a crafty, peaceful state of mind.

bleaching is also a personal preference. i took this sponge and bleached vertically down the front of the leg. you could also just bleach spots here and there or not at all. i then laid the jeans out in the sun for about 30 minutes to let the bleach really work its magic. then, i washed and dried this pair and was stoked with how they looked when they came out. for only 2 dollars, babycakes got to sport a trendy little pair of shorts! have fun with this one. i know i will continue to myself. 

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