Tuesday, May 10, 2011

.a walk on the unsweet side.

all my from-scratchiness up to this point has been in the realm of desserts...until now. i saw this post (http://www.alexandracooks.com/2010/01/29/bean-cheese-burritos-beef-tacos-homemade-flour-tortillas/) on burritos and my long-term love affair with the bean and cheese variety came rushing back to me. many moons ago, when i used to go to girl scout meetings every monday evening, my mom, sister and i would stop at taco bell beforehand for a convenient meal. that is one relationship that i've never let get away. those scout cookies i could live without, but some taco bell nacho cheese? never.

my all-american husband is quite accustomed to my mexican meals at least once a week. as a vegetarian married to a meat-eater, mexican dishes are an easy compromise. i can either make a completely vegetarian version or two versions of the same dish pretty easily. no matter what direction the meal takes, it almost always involves toritillas. from mex-lasagnas to enchiladas to burritos, tortillas are a staple item in our home.

when i ran across this recipe for homemade tortillas, i couldn't resist using my flour for something other than my new baking craze. our house rule when i'm making dinner is for the kitchen to be a one-woman show. although, trying to convince our dogs of this is most-challenging. so, when i covered the tortilla balls with a kitchen towel to rest for thirty minutes, i went to show my husband the pictures of the making process to see if he could figure out what dinner would be. pizza, calzones, biscuits...but never did he guess tortillas.

when i walked out with our two plates, all done up, i was beaming at my finished product. i saw a brief moment of surprise creep across his face when he realized it was the tortillas i had made. i'll admit that my intention was to make them large enough for a burrito, but they turned into taco-sized. next time, i'll cut the main lump into four instead of six pieces and i'll roll them out a wee flatter. these bambinos were delicious! this is one of those recipes i'd be proud to serve to company and i need to make that happen soon.

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