Monday, May 9, 2011


there are times in my life when everything around me seems to stand still while only my mind truly awakens. this usually happens for me in extreme moments. with my eyes closed, i can see those instances as still photographs with a slow playing silent movie reel running just beneath.

...i'm lying in my bed, cocooning myself with the comforter as the salt from my tears form in puddles on my sheets. then my thoughts drift to total emptiness and everything stops. it is that split second when the film skips and i move outside my present scene. at this very instance in time, i start picturing all the people throughout the world who are laughing, smiling, loving at the exact same moment i am in such agony. it seems unfathomable that there is joy emanating precisely when i am full of such sorrow. but, this is the beauty of time...

we all have one thing in common- that very minute. we share time and that surpasses geography, culture, circumstance. because of this unique quality, i think time is something magical, something we should grasp with moxie, something to treasure. i suppose it is for this reason i have a little thing for timepieces and especially in necklace form.

usually they stop working soon after i get them and are only accurate the two times a day when it happens to be whatever time it froze on all those years before. but, they remind me of how important each minute is to all of us and for all of us. time is a beautiful thing. as much as i treasure my timepieces, i hope you treasure the time you have. make it sparkle.

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