Tuesday, June 7, 2011

.wedding hair trilogy.

when i was in pre-school, charm bracelets defined the word charm for me because i found them utterly irresistible. with their neon colors of the eighties and endless variety of trinkety charms, how could i not be in love? granted, most of them were traded with other girls for lip gloss or whatever they had in their cheap, child-sized purses. from there, it was jelly bracelets, then slap bracelets, and whatever happened to be the latest trend at the time. in my adolescent punky days, there was probably more metal and spikes than my mom cared for, but hey, a girl still had to accessorize.

my favorite go-to style tip is to accessorize. no matter what you find in your closet, what you add from your shoe basket, dresser or jewelry box can really give your look a signature. something as simple as adding a statement piece necklace to an otherwise simple top can create a totally different look. this is a topic i could wax-girlie about for probably hours on end. however, what i want to talk about today is how a girl like me could possibly narrow down how to accessorize my hair for my most special wedding day.

maybe i need to rephrase the sentiment of narrowing down because some people would argue that three hair pieces doesn't exactly fit that statement. like i said, i've always been one to love those little extras. being that our wedding was an expression of our love and reflected who we are as people, that encompassed my fashiony side. without further ado, let's take a walk on the style side.

i knew i'd be seeing my soon-to-be husband before our ceremony for that private moment where we could take in the joy of the day between just the two of us. since he's known me, he has come to expect me sticking a flower pin in my hair for random occasions. as much as i like to be daring in style, he really leans towards simplicity. so, i didn't want his first view of his bride to be anything as dramatic as a peacock feather or tiny top hat. a flower would remind him of the girl he dated for almost four years. a couple of months before the day, i made my own flower hairpiece with a plain metal barrette, some hot glue and a slightly altered flower from a local craft store. it was the perfect piece for our day in the garden.

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after strolling through the garden together and meandering back to our hotel where the wedding party waited, he and i kissed goodbye and i went back to the room with my girls. amidst a frantic swirl of make-up, hairspray and heels, i gently took the flower out of my hair in exchange for what i would wear to actually marry my life's partner. traditionally, women for decades have made that momentous walk down the aisle with their face gently shadowed by a bridal veil. i would be no exception. with a long engagement of eighteen months, there were many things i exchanged and changed my mind on throughout the planning process. my vintage-inspired bird cage veil, however, was the very first purchase i made after i said yes to his proposal. the day after our wedding, my brand-spanking new husband told me he did not expect to see the veil after seeing me earlier in the day without one and i think that one little accessory twist made a memorable impact. (although, he had a little trouble figuring out what to do when he was allowed to kiss the bride with that netting in his way.)

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transitioning from our garden wedding under a beautiful, blue sky to our celebratory reception indoors, i wanted to make one final hair transformation. some brides change dresses between ceremony and reception, but i chose to change accessories (again). i knew with the group of friends and family that we had with us that day there was no doubt we'd have a ball and i wanted something fun to reflect in my hair piece. after much perusing through store after store on etsy, i finally came across a feathery, yet still vintage, number that was precisely what i was looking for. like donning a powerful cloak, this fun feathered accessory did just the trick. i've never smiled so much in my life. was it really the hair piece that made this happen? (ok, of course not.)

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but, there is something to be said about when you're happy with your look, you wear it all over your mood.

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