Sunday, June 5, 2011

.have some more and s'more.

if you're pretty much anywhere right now, it is at the very least slightly hot outside. so the idea of sitting around a bonfire may a little less than desirable. however, that doesn't really help alleviate a craving for s'mores now does it?

the last recipe i'd like to share from our memorial day cook-out is so versatile that i think it is a perfect fit for any time of year. it is the type of fun treat that can be made in mass quantities or can also be put together a few at a time for a fun snack or dessert at the family dinner table.

without further ado, here is my recipe for s'more pops!

hershey's chocolate candy bars
big marshmallows
graham crackers
popsicle sticks (optional)

start by figuring out how many s'more pops you want to make. i started with just a few to practice. i melted 3 mini-hershey bars in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds. the chocolate will not look melted when you pull it out, but will quickly turn smooth once you start stirring it. for my larger party batch, i melted one and a half packs of mini-hershey bars. the nice thing about using the little guys is that you can easily add a small amount at a time as you go.

in a small sealed sandwich bag, i pounded some graham crackers into crumbs and poured them in a separate dish. then, i grabbed my popsicle sticks and rammed them into each marshmallow. as a side note, this may the perfect sweet recipe to let out some negative energy. pounding, crumbling, shoving...and all for a scrumptious cause.

working quickly so that the milky chocolate stayed smooth, i took each marshmallow and really just pushed them around in the chocolate. my first attempts aren't as aesthetically pleasing because i was swirling the marshmallow in the chocolate and that caused dripping. the pushing process made for a neater pop.

once i had all the chocolate i wanted on the white puffiness, i dipped the very top of the chocolate end in graham crackers.

while preparing these, i used a block of styrofoam to stick the s'more pops in while they dried. once they made their debut at the cook-out, they were a quick hit. they're the type of delicious nostalgic dessert that had our guests wanting some more and some more and s'more.

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