Saturday, June 4, 2011

.whimsical ribbon style.

with our memorial day cookout, i themed everything in traditional reds and whites. but, i wanted to add a pop of color and decided yellow would be that perfect splash of lemonade sunshine. in fact, the sun was to hold a leading role in our cookout and i expected it to receive a standing ovation. a simple decorating trick i used with a friendly price tag involved three key steps.

first, hit your local craft store when they're having a fifty percent off sale on rolls of ribbon like i did. now, if your cashier happens to be extremely rude like mine was, immediately call someone when you get to your car and detail the entire event to vent yourself to calmness.

for the second step, find your best pair of scissors to cut your ribbon into the desired length. the length will depend on where you plan to add a little fabric flare. for me, it was on the back of my dining room chairs that would be scattered about for our guests. once the ribbon is cut, you're over half way there! (two-thirds to be exact- hey, i like fractions.)

lastly, tie the ribbons on and go for a little randomness when doing this. i didn't want to have a pattern to my varying colors so that every chair would be different. and there you go, a whimsical look that is sure to brighten up whatever your event may be. happy party styling!

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