Sunday, August 7, 2011

.grits bar.

if you want a whimsical way to serve up your southern classic, make yourself a grits bar. for either a brunch, like i served, or an intimate meal at home with your family, a grits bar is sure to please.

start by making your grits. i'm sure that part wasn't clear. serve them up in a big ol' bowl. then, set out all your topping options. some grits fans swear by butter only; while others love cheesy grits. i have a certain friend, (not mentioning any names scrimp) who can only eat them with sugar. while i want to gag at this, i should at least give it a taste first before i make any final judgements.

for my intimate brunch, i served up the following topping options: salt and pepper, butter, cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon and sugar (for scrimp). i meant to get some chives, but i just plum forgot. cute it up by putting your toppings in little, clear glasses versus clunky bowls.

enjoy, y'all!

for those not in the y'all state of mind, try an oatmeal bar with brown sugar, peaches, apples, sugar, butter and various berries for your topping options. no matter which way your tastes lie, have a little fun with it.

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