Tuesday, September 20, 2011


do you ever have one of those days where you'd rather be doing something else? oh, and i thought i was the only one.

how many days do we spend 'rathering' compared to the amount of days we spend enjoying? unfortunately for many of us, the former is how we spend much of our time. in the prime of our lives, we're working, tending, cooking, cleaning, paying, trying to sleep, and worrying about how to do it all.

one of my personal goals is to make more time spent in contentment instead of wishing. this will not be an overnight fix for my life, but an ambition. it took me over three years to reach an old new year's resolution. that's for another post. but, you can see how slow i am to change things.

in the meantime, today, i'd rather be laying under a blue sky, listening to the wind with no chores or obligations for one entire day. add a blanket and one of the four books waiting for me on my table to read and rather is no longer part of my vocabulary.

what are you 'rathering' right now?

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