Sunday, September 18, 2011

.grahamatically delicious.

my home has become spoiled with sugary, homemade baked goods atop my kitchen counters pretty much all the time. my waist line, however, would not like to comment on the issue.

so when my husband and i finished dinner one night, we both looked longingly at the barren countertops in realization that there would be no dessert. while we should have taken this opportunity to go for a walk, play frisbee outside or even just practice restraint. we didn't. sue us.

while i've been a whirlwind of a baker these days, my husband has simply enjoyed. this dessertless night though, he scavenged our pantry to create a little treat for us with a hodgepodge of ingredients we had on hand.

a few nights later, i copied his recipe with a few little tweaks of my own. what was created was a compact little sweet that is easy enough for a kid to create.

graham delights


graham crackers
milk chocolate chips
peanut butter

place your graham crackers on a baking sheet. i used a small rectangle of foil; as i wanted them to fit in my small convection oven.
top your graham base with whatever your palette desires. then, bake at 350 degrees for approximately 4-7 minutes. mainly, i watched for the chocolate to begin melting.
here are some of my creations:
peanut butter with chocolate chips
chocolate chips with marshmallows
peanut butter and honey
peanut butter, coconut and honey
chococolate chips with honey

i think you get the idea...there are so many possibilities. the only thing i wouldn't recommend putting on top of these is turnip greens. i am from the south, but i'd still pass.

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