Friday, September 16, 2011

.pesto alfredo penne.

when that time of the month comes (to write my new grocery list of course), i always ask my husband if he has any special requests for meals. without fail, he'll always throw in something pesto-y. i used to adore pesto myself and would douse it on pretty much anything italian food-related. however, i think it's lost some of its luster for me over the years. for my eye guy, it's still his favorite.

i started by adding a couple of handful of fresh basil leaves to my food processor with a clove of chopped up garlic.

after that, i scooped up a handful of pine nuts to let play with the other ingredients. now, i really, really love pine nuts. so at this stage, i'm tempted to eat everything as is. instead, i went about my pesto-making business.

then, some salt and pepper with a handful of parmesan cheese went in to be blended. as i started the food processor, i began pouring extra virgin olive oil in the top of the processor until the pesto was the right oily consistency.

now i must say- this was not as pretty as i thought it would be. in fact, i was a little worried about how it would taste just by the look of it. however, the taste wasn't half bad. my plan was to make an alfredo pesto pasta.

so, i got super fancy and opened up a jar of pre-made alfredo sauce and poured it in a big pot. to that, i added my homemade pesto sauce. i just let it simmer on low as i stirred every so often.

meanwhile, in a pot across stove town, i boiled some penne pasta in salted water. with the fresh cherry tomatoes i just picked, they got quartered to add as a garnish to the pasta.

once the pasta was ready, i tossed it with the pesto alfredo and added the tomato. it was a beautiful dish. but more importantly, it tasted magnifique!

and what did the eye guy think? i'm not sure because i couldn't understand him with his mouth full.

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