Wednesday, September 14, 2011

.shellac sh'love part two.

when i left you last with my shellac cliffhanger, the notion was that i either loved (or didn't) having my nails shellacked. you no longer need to keep biting your nails waiting for my opinion on this massively important topic. let me take you past that first week of shellac sh'love.

on day nine, my nails were camera shy and i assured them that taking their picture on day ten would suffice. so, here they are on day ten, resting in an increasingly familiar location- the mixer in my kitchen. even with baking, washing dishes, getting my fingers in dough, they're still unscathed. shuper shellac!

i made a mistake on day eleven. now only on day eleven of each month do i make a mistake. all other days, i ignore the multitudes of erasers in my life. i also sometimes lie. these past few lines have been a lie. i make mistakes on day twelve too.

for days twelve and thirteen, my shiny nails were still going strong and i wasn't doing much besides typing away. on my calculator. i love doing this, but i would rather be typing away with words these days. say it ain't so! it's so.

almost a full two weeks later, my crazy awesome nails are still going strong. my ability to keep anything on my lips is a different story. wonder if they make a lip shellac...

somewhere around day 15, my thumb nail was the first to chip. one chip for me pretty much seemed like a prize and my smile was still shellacked right across my face.

after my nails and i passed the two week mark, i decided any wear i got out of them would be bonus. as my natural nails of course kept growing, you could see them near my cuticle. so, upon close inspection, it wasn't a perfect look. however, this truly didn't bother me. if you're the type of person that would be bothered by that, then you could un-shellac yourself at this point. (which involves straight acetone by the way).

with almost three full weeks of wear, i was in shock by the sh'amazing shellacking i had. once they did start to chip though, they looked pretty awful and i couldn't just take it off with simple fingernail polish remover. so, i'm forewarning you about that downfall.

nevertheless, i will definitely be getting this done again some time in the near future...and beyond.

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