Monday, October 10, 2011

.ain't got to lie cake.

do you have a special dish that your friends and family always ask you to make? are you famous for your potluck dish or a special dessert? is each holiday marked by your delicious something'r'other?

living away from our family these past years, my eye guy and i have found a group of friends that feel like home to us here in tennessee. when i made this chocolate cake for a special birthday, my friends complimented it so much that i felt all bubbly inside.

when another girlfrand's birthday rolled around, i asked her what she wanted me to make for her soiree. she replied with, 'you know how much i likes that chocolate cake!' this is not a direct quote, but i'm sure she would have added the s, thank you very much.

now, this cake is a pain in the you know what to make. but for her- i'd make three of them. she keeps us laughing, shaking our heads and on our toes at all times. she may come across as crazy as a soaked hornet, but she also has a warm side that will listen when need be and a big heart of gold.

so for my girlfrand's thirty-something birthday, i baked her this layered chocolate cake. it was good. it also helped that each bite we took was made sweeter thanks to cutting up with friends and having one of those nights that'll always be treasured.

my point is- i now have 'that' special dish that my friends ask for and i couldn't be more flattered.

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