Friday, October 7, 2011

.happy birthday, eye guy.

today is my eye guy's birthday. it is kinda a big deal to me. not only is he embarking on a new decade, but he is opening a new chapter of his life. this is our first birthday celebration as a married couple.

in my childhood home, birthdays were more important than national holidays and i carry that same mindset with me today. fireworks, bubbles, butterflies, roller coasters...all fighting for the attention of my insides as a birthday approaches. i think i may have been more excited than my birthday husband himself this morning. then again, that is not too unusual.

.little dustin chopping away.

his birthday will be celebrated throughout this weekend with surprises around each turn. again, i'll probably be more excited than him even though i'm the one dishing them out. i'll be baking his favorite dessert to help celebrate.

wanna know the best part about him opening a new chapter? i'll be hand in hand with him through it. we're writing our life's story every day- together.

so, happy birthday to my number 'opposite of eye squared!' i'll translate the nerd love for you (my number one).

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