Wednesday, October 19, 2011

.sugar, spice, and cupcakes so nice.

when a good friend of mine announced that her second baby would be a girl, i couldn't help but picture sugar, spice and everything nice...with lots of pink. after already having a little boy for her first child, i knew she was thrilled to have the chance to buy frills, dresses, and tutus.

as the time for her baby shower at work approached, i knew i wanted to bake something for it. my mind scanned the sweets i've seen her enjoy over the last few years. from birthday cake at work to surprise celebrations in the teacher's lounge, she's always favored chocolate. can you blame her?

after recently having made these chocolate cupcakes to much praise, i decided to use the same recipe again.

however, the top had to scream girlie girl and what better way to visually do that than by going pink?

after the cupcakes were made and cooled and the frosting was the perfect blend of buttercream and cream cheese, it was time to ice them.

i baked these cupcakes in pure white liners and then popped them in pretty paper after they came out of the oven. it reminds me of the cupcakes wearing little dresses on top of their liners.
then, i began cutting little flags out of scrapbook paper that i found to be super-girlie. to achieve the flags, all that's necessary is paper, scissors, hot glue and toothpicks.

with all the feminine elements in place, it was then time to shower my friend with good wishes for her and her baby girl in the form of sugar, spice and cupcakes so nice.

i had the privilege of meeting the little girl last night that inspired these pretty pink cupcakes and she was even sweeter than they were. here's a picture of her adorableness as i held her for as long as her parents would let me.

oh, and see that big pink flower sprouting from her headband? her mom put that on just for me as it was a shower gift i made for her. sweet cupcakes, sweeter baby, sweetest feeling.


  1. How adorable, congrats to your friend on her newborn!
    These cupcakes do look amazing. I know you did put a lot of work into getting them just right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you kindly ;) there's something so appealing about pink frosting- irresistible!!


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