Thursday, November 24, 2011

.ornament wreath.

oh do i have a joyous craft for you to try! maybe i should say joyful because this is a fantastic one for the holidays. i've seen ornament wreaths all over the web and thought, "i can do that!." so, i did.

if you are the type to decorate your tree with purple and silver or hot pink with sequins or a snow white affair, this is still a great decoration for you. the beauty of creating your own ornament wreath is that you can choose whatever color scheme or theme you want. you're making it. i used my hardware store wreath base that i created when making my book page wreath. you can definitely work with a pre-made foam wreath as well.

after forming my foam circle, i wrapped the whole thing in christmas red ribbon so that any parts peaking out would blend in nicely with the ornament colors i chose. for my very first ornament wreath, i went with the traditional colors of red, green and gold.

now, these babies are pricey if you buy them in a store and i also had no intention of buying fancy schmancy ornaments in order to turn this project into a bank breaker. instead, i marched myself right into the dollar tree and stocked up. in total, the supplies to make this ornament wreath were approximately fifteen dollars. not bad, eh?

ok, start by laying out lots of your ornaments and heating up your hot glue gun. i hot glued and wrapped the red ribbon all the way around then started adding on the bigger ornaments first. i sometimes worked in clusters, then other times jumped to the other side of the wreath. i just let the wreath speak to me. ok, not really, but i wanted to see if you were still reading.

the smaller ornaments can be used to fill in the gaps. i figured i'd be gluing all of the ornaments to the wreath itself, but soon found that i was actually gluing quite a few of them to other ornaments only. that method ends up adding depth to the wreath.

you'll know you are done when you look down at your wreath and feel like it looks complete. i was not sure how i would know myself, but there was a moment when i stepped away and felt it looked like a finished project. voila- happy holidays to me!

in all, i probably used around 50 medium sized ornaments and maybe 15-20 small ones. have some back-up glue sticks ready to go and a little time on your hands. this didn't take all day by any means, but you'll probably need to set aside about an entire episode of House and half an NCIS to do it in.

to hang it, i used a wreath hook i already had and just looped it through. if it were on my front door, i wouldn't be able to look at it longingly. so, i instead hung it over a prominent window in our living room where we can enjoy it all the time. just looking at it right now makes me want to fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

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