Saturday, December 31, 2011

.so long and faired well.

when i reflect on 2011 like many of us are doing today, i've gotta tell you- i feel really blessed. while there were those moments that left me breathless like losing my little mochaccino and a very rough start to a work year, there were so many others that took my breath away.
in the spring of this year, i married my eye guy and sealed our deal forever. it's me and you, kid. with our marriage, we both gained new forever families. i couldn't be more grateful for all the wonderful people that have been added to my life.

in the summer, we rescued and adopted our scraggly, rollin-about, grunting, adorable applejack. and, poptart loves his new brother. we're a happy family.

friends have had babies, others have celebrated their babies' varying birthdays, others yet have become engaged to be married themselves and start their next chapter.

i gave birth to this, my blog, in 2011 and that in and of itself has been a sweet journey for me in both my kitchen and with writing, a true passion for me.

on the days i'm upset about how tight my pants are or how early i have to wake up for work or why i can't find anything to cook for dinner, let me remember all that i do have. putting things in perspective isn't always practical and is even harder to do all the time. however, i would like to make strides in the year ahead to do just that.

with 2012 a blink away, i look at the twelve blank chapters that lie before me and wonder what tales i'll write this year. what about yourself? our best stories come from what we overcome and accomplish. i wish for you stories of triumph, humor, adventure, love and most of all peace. happy writing...

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