Wednesday, April 25, 2012


oh shortcake. oh shoes. oh how i've neglected you these past few months. i have a confession to make. (is it still a confession when most of your world already knows?) my life has been flip flopped upside down into something i've dreamed about since i was a little girl and now am fully grasping as a woman. i am pregnant.

yes, i am holding within my body the presence of another, MY child. my future is now intertwined with not just my husband and our sure to be long line of dogs, but there is now another, our babycakes.

we found out the shocking, yet not so much because we were a wishin' and a hopin', our news at the early, early, early stage of only three weeks! if you know me well at all, you know i am impatient and love to share every joyful thing in my life. so, to keep a secret, from basically its inception, was an act in extreme will power for me. it was much easier for my somewhat quiet eye guy. not our mothers, not our best of friends, not our postal workers knew the best kept secret of my life. ok, i told our dogs because i just couldn't resist.

at eight weeks, we finally had our first doctor's appointment and got to both hear and SEE our baby's heartbeat on an ultrasound. as my eye guy and i held hands, our three hearts beat as one in that moment and our family tree bloomed.

i am now in the beginning of my second trimester and let me just tell you two things. thing one: it was more than a bowl full of cherries worth of joy to finally share our great news with the whole wide world. thing two: being pregnant, for me, has been nauseating, exhausting and preventative in the way of food blogging. my kitchen and i have been enemies for months and just this week we finally reacquainted ourselves with each other without mentioning such tense topics such as garlic, pepper, or rich dairy.

by many mothers before me, i am promised a second trimester with renewed energy and gusto. right now, i'd settle for a little spark of any sort. while i'm madly in love with my growing babycakes, i'm ready to get back to the gym and to the world of cooking and baking. let the belly grow and the thighs stay put! let the sight of a grocery store bring menu ideas and not gags! let this child growing within me know each day of the life ahead that i love, love, love him or her with all my pea pickin' heart.

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