Tuesday, May 29, 2012

.all dressered up.

now that we know our babycakes is a little girl, we are starting on her nursery, her own little corner of our home. we want it to reflect love, happiness, and tranquility. my eye guy and i decided to use white furniture because of the purity and innocence it portrays.

like with most things, i love to have a hand in things that are special to us. from our personalized wedding, to unique parties, to the decor in our home, that personal touch just makes me smile. although he offered to build her crib, i politely turned my husband down on that one and figured we would leave that to the experts.

however, we decided that her dresser would be a piece that we could save some money on and use a little of our DIYness.

we started our search at discount stores and didn't have much luck there. so, we turned to craig's list and there were quite a few dressers to choose from. we ended up getting a fair deal on a cherry-wood colored one with more sophisticated silver knobs that was in brand new condition. we were both new to using craig's list and i'll admit that it felt a little strange to go to someone's home. after all the criminal shows i watch, i probably was more cautious than most normal people. but hey- we survived!

.this is the exact dresser before we got our hands on it.

my eye guy had the hard labor end of things. first of all, i'm not doing any heavy lifting so he was in charge of all the moving about of the dresser. then, he took on the task of sanding it down completely, removing the adult-looking original knobs and then painting the entire thing white.

i had my eye on some gorgeous hardware for the knobs at anthropologie, but we picked a dresser with a dozen knobs. that added up quickly with anthropologie's prices and i decided to search elsewhere. after going to all the local hardware stores, i finally found a glass knob that i thought had the right touches of daintiness and shine. after bringing them home, they were quickly installed and voila- we have babycakes' finished dresser! it is her first piece of furniture for her lifetime and it is finished with her daddy's and my love.

now, just to fill it up with all those ruffles and patterns...

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