Monday, August 20, 2012

.style kick.

there is something mesmerizing to me about target. i'm not proud to say that on a beautiful weekend day when i should be sitting on patios sipping lemonade, perusing my local farmer's market or taking my dogs to the park, i instead wander through my nearest target with awe. it is the same awe that finds me often weaving in and out of aisles, filling my shopping cart as if it magnets were attached to each item.

this past weekend, i found myself back in the baby section- where i have worn down the floor over the past few months. that is when i came across this irresistible treasure. clearance priced baby shoes. now, you may look at these and realize they're marketed to little boys. but hey, my girl is already hip.

with a little bling, i started adding some girlie touches. i took a strip of crystal stickers and fabric glued them to the back of these kicks.

see how super cutie that is!

next, i found some ribbon in my craft tub, cut it and tied it into little poofed bows.

with a dab of hot glue this time, they embellished these sneakers with just the right about of "yep, i'm a hip girl."

for under 5 bucks, my babycakes has some snazzed out sneakers! oh, and the best part- i got to text my eye guy when i left target to brag that i made it out of the store with only spending $7. i think that is a record for me.


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