Sunday, August 21, 2011

.the courage to help.

if you'll remember, i talked about one of my all time favorite books here and its impending movie release. once the movie had been released, a couple girlfriends and i waited anxiously until our night to go see it.

last night, i had the privilege of seeing 'the help.' there has never in my life been a movie based on a book that i was head over heels about. until now. this film really did give justice to the novel in a way i had never expected. just as with the book, i cried, i laughed, i even found myself clapping along with the audience at certain scenes. did i really do that?

in short, i LOVED it! what struck me again with the story was the courage of these characters. as with the book, i found myself wishing i really knew them. i want to sit around a table and just talk, tell stories, spend time with these brave women. it also helps that one of the heroines has red, curly hair.

there is heart, soul, and so much to think about during this movie that i regained my ability to believe that it really does take one person, one act, one movement to change the world. as the movie began winding its story down, my mind began working its way up.

it does take courage to be true to yourself and to your beliefs and those are things i've been extremely passionate about throughout my life. it does take courage to believe in humanity over all else. it does take courage to be kind. the courage in this movie, from this story, has reminded me that i am proud of who i am. i am proud of my beliefs, my stances, my ideals.

if you've yet to see 'the help,' please indulge in a cinematic treat for yourself. your heart is sure to feel warmer when you walk out of the theater. and if it begins to chill again, go read the book.


  1. Jerrie and I loved it. We all felt like applauding at the end of the movie. We lived through that time and recognized so many of the characters.

    Great movie. How many academy awards will it win, after "Best Picture?"


  2. it deserves to win as many as it possibly can! i think the only one it shouldn't win is best actor because there wasn't a strong male role. i'm glad you guys enjoyed it. the book was beautiful too ;)
    in my theater, everyone applauded at minny's pie- ha


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