Tuesday, August 23, 2011

.i've gotta hunch you'll wanna brunch.

my final posting about my petite brunch will be mostly a show and (a little) tell. check out the mini-donuts, grits bar, egg muffins, and cheesecake shots for individual ideas. today, this will be more of a feast for the eyes. so, enjoy!

setting up this brunch was a labor of love for me. not only did i get to play in the kitchen, but i also got to pretend i was a party-setter-upper extraordinaire.

to keep the theme as girly as possible, i skipped the usual mimosas and replaced them with the grapefruit variety.

here, my florida gals are helping with a wee pour.

from each little place setting...

to the whole spread...

it was a joyous late morning.

it feels good to smile this much. and it sure doesn't hurt that i have an armload of yummy.

it is usually best to end on a sweet note. and they all ate happily ever after...

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